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Gear Care

How to take good care Fish-N-Hunt Gear

So, you have the best selling and most functional wading gear on the market and you just finished an awesome day on and in the water. You throw your stuff behind the seat and head to the house to celebrate with a cold beverage. Stop...don't pop that top yet! OK, that cold drink and keep reading. This really isn't rocket science, I promise. You do want your gear to last a long time, though, don't you? Of course you do. Keep drinking and fire up the garden hose. This will only take a minute.

Fish-N-Hunt Pro Gear only uses the highest quality materials and processes when building our stuff. Military grade Velcro, high-impact plastic, high quality nylon and double-stitching. This means it should last for years in even the toughest conditions. Like anything, though, it will require a little bit of TLC from time to time. If you are fishing in the saltwater, we recommend rinsing all of your gear after every trip. No need to bust out the power-washer and expensive chemicals. Just a nice, steady stream of clean, fresh water should do the trick. Rinsing both sides of the hook and loop fasteners in the Velcro will get all of the sand out and keep the "connection" nice and tight for many years.

After everything has been rinsed, allow it to dry in an area with good air circulation. Wet gear thrown under a seat or in one of your boat's storage lockers will never dry properly and just get moldy. Nobody wants to wear a smelly fishing belt! This goes for your nets as well...rinse them off and let them dry before stowing and the rubber-mesh will look and perform like new for a very long time.

Braving the surf? Check all of your connections, knots and clips before hitting the beach. We hear about a lot of lost tackle bags when surf-fishing really heats up every year. Pull that tackle box out of the tote on the back of your belt and check the knot on the end of the tether. Make that knot as large as possible so it won't slip through the hole in the bottom of the tote. There should be a small, plastic washer between the knot and the tote...these are real easy to find at any hardware store if you need one.

That wasn't so hard, now, was it? Take that extra minute after each trip and make sure your gear is fresh and ready for the next one. You never know when your buddy is going to make that next late night call..."I found 'em and they're hungry!"


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