Crappie Fishing RodsWhether you’re new to crappie fishing or have been fishing them for years, everyone could stand to hear some helpful tips. In this article, you’ll learn a little bit about the fish, which can help you understand their actions. We’ll also discuss some techniques, bait, and fishing rods that would be great for your next crappie fishing adventure. 

Crappie are a freshwater fish that school together and like a lot of vegetation. The juvenile crappie will feed on mostly microscopic crustaceans. As they grow, they’ll begin to eat things like minnows, insects, or the fingerlings of other fish species. Crappie will hang around underwater cover as much as possible. The type of cover you want to look for includes logs, weed beds, and really anything that provides camouflage from their prey. Once you find these areas, you can bait your hook with worms, insects, or, the favorite, minnows. 

A spinning rod and reel will be the best type of rod for crappie fishing. If you want to get a longer cast, then you should look for a slow to medium action. This type of rod is excellent for crappie fishing because it’s gentle on the crappie’s mouths. When you use this type of rod, you won’t get as much sensitivity, though. Because of less sensitivity, you may not be able to feel when the crappie is biting, which can be tricky and could allow them to get away before you set the hook. If you want to feel the bite of the crappie, then you could consider moving to a faster action rod. 

The team over at Castaway Rods recommends the Pro Sport Ultra-Light spinning rod for your next crappie fishing outing. This rod is a moderate to fast action rod with extra light power. Purchase your custom fishing rods for crappie from Castaway Rods, and you’re sure to catch crappie like a pro. 


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