CastAway RodsWhen you fish with a paddle tail swimbait, you’ll likely have a very fruitful experience. You can use this type of bait any time of the year, whether it’s cold or warm out. Swimbaits are useful in different water conditions, as well. The great thing about this type of lure is that they come in all shapes and sizes, hooked and unhooked. 

You can indeed use a paddle tail swimbait all year round. However, this bait works most efficiently during the late winter to early spring months. It most situations, fish desperately searching for food during this time of year.

Because of desperation, they are more willing to exert energy to chase down a slow baitfish. You can reel this bait in as quickly or as slow as you see fit. It will work best whenever you roll it along the bottom, but it can be reeled in other ways. You can jerk the swimbait as you reel it in or even skim it across the top of the water. Because this type of lure is versatile, you can also use it in different kinds of water. You can use it in deep or shallow places, open water, or on structure. The best scenario is whenever you can find a school of bass hunting for baitfish. The paddle tail swimbait can mimic these baitfish and trick the bass into biting. 

The best type of fishing rod for this bait would be a medium-heavy power with a fast action rod. You’ll find a couple of rods with this combination in the Pro Sport rods available at Castaway Rods. Look for their Freshwater Casting rods to find the perfect rod for the paddle tail swimbait.


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