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If you find yourself looking for great fishing experiences in the south, you’ll want to check out this article. Every season has a type of fishing with which it is better suited. The bottom line is, no matter what time of year it is, you’ll be able to get your saltwater fishing in.

There are some fish that you’ll be able to catch year-round, which include sheepshead, red drum, and pike. However, not every species of saltwater fish will be available year-round. What you’re fishing for in the summer is probably not what you’ll be fishing for in the winter. If you have a particular fish that you are searching for, you may want to study up on when they are going to be more active. Regardless of when you decide to fish, you’ll need to learn about the regulations set by the state that you are fishing in.

Fishing during the spring months can be beautiful and active. Springtime is a good time of year to fish for the tarpon or permit in southern Florida. Head over to Mississippi and fish for the black drum or flounder during spring, and you’ll have great luck. North Carolina is the perfect state to do your saltwater fishing in the spring. You’ll be able to catch several kinds of tuna, wahoo, dolphin, king mackerel, and so much more.

Once summer hits, you’ll be able to fish for red snapper in both Texas and Florida. While you’re in Florida, you can catch mahi-mahi down by the Keys. If you find yourself in North Carolina, then you’ll want to try your hand at cobia or flounder.

Of course, there are far more fishing opportunities offered throughout the year that aren’t listed above. You’ll have to stick around for the next article in this series to learn a bit more. The one thing that is certain is that Castaway Rods has the perfect rod for every fishing occasion. Visit their website to find exactly what you need.


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