Inshore Saltwater Fishing Rods

Saltwater fishing is a great hobby. Luckily this is a hobby that you’ll be able to do for the whole year. Over at Castaway Rods, we want to help you pursue your passions year-round. In ‘Part 1’ of this series, we talked a little bit about spring and summer fishing. Today we’re going to talk about saltwater fishing in the southern states during the fall and winter months.

Once the temperatures start dropping and the days start to get a little shorter, you’ll need to switch up your fishing tactics. Fall fishing can be very fruitful because of the abundance of fish. Most fish are getting ready to migrate, and they tend to gather in one place before their migration.

Whenever you’re fishing in Florida during autumn, you should try your hand at red drum or grouper. Alabama is excellent for spotted seatrout and flounder. A great fishing tactic for flounder is to find an area with moving water. Throw your live bait in and let the motion of the tides move your bait along to entice the flounder. You can fish inshore for spotted trout because they will begin to migrate using inshore saltwater creeks and rivers. Like Georgia, Mississippi will be great for inshore fishing of flounder, black drum, red drum, and sheepshead. South Carolina has incredible fishing during the fall months. Visit places like Myrtle Beach to inshore fish for trout, red drum, and flounder.

Winter may seem like an impossible month to saltwater fish, but this definitely isn’t the case. Try your hand at fishing in shallow waters in Florida for sheepshead. If you’re interested in some offshore fishing, try visiting Florida to catch some sailfish.

There are still plenty of saltwater fishing opportunities for you to learn about once you get out there. Visit Castaway Rods to find an inshore saltwater fishing rod to use during your fishing in the fall and winter months. You’ll be catching like a pro when you use a rod like the Pro Sport Medium Fast Casting Rod available now at Castaway.


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