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We’re back to talk more about when you should be using the flipping and pitching technique. We’ll discuss the actual process and a few other tips that can help you have the most success. We here at Castaway Rods can’t wait for you to add this skill to your bass fishing repertoire.

You won’t always need to resort to flipping and pitching whenever you’re fishing bass. You’ll pull these techniques out whenever regular casting isn’t landing your line where it needs to be. If you see the perfect whole between grass beds, laydowns, or the like, then you wouldn’t rely on standard casting to get you to that hole.

These two techniques are the same, with one difference being that in the flipping action, you won’t reel up between the casts. When you are pitching, you will first need to let your line out enough for your bait to hang a little below your hips. Hold the rod upright and hold the bait in your other hand. You will need to release the tension on your spool but hold it in place with your thumb. Lower your rod and release your lure towards your target. You can then lift your rod tip up to allow the bait to swing a bit. While it is swinging, you can release your thumb to allow the line to drop into your target zone. As soon as it hits the water, you can place your thumb back on the line. You can now let the bait fall to the floor and reel it up and repeat this action. You’ll do this until you get a fish on the line. When you flip, you’ll use the line between the reel and the first guide to pull it out of the water. You won’t have to worry about reeling and free-spooling.

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