Custom Fishing Rod There are many tips that can help you accomplish a successful flipping and pitching excursion. You need to pay attention to the rod that you are using. You’ll be doing most of this type of fishing in heavy cover, likely with a lot of vegetation. That means you’ll need something that is sturdy and can endure some tension. A typical rod used for this type of fishing will be over 7 feet long. This length gives you a lot of control, which allows for more accuracy when you’re working through the steps. For most anglers, you’ll want a pole between seven and eight feet. You’ll want a heavy power rod with a fast action to handle the bass that you are catching. Pair this type of rod with a high-speed reel spooled with a heavy line. You can find the perfect custom fishing rod for pitching and flipping at Castaway Rods. They have a few for you to choose from like the Skeleton Nano or the Invicta 2 and more.

Whenever you’re trying to learn the art of flipping and pitching, there are a few tips to follow during the process. I would suggest that you practice these technics before you try your hand at flipping and pitching on water. You can practice in your backyard until you feel comfortable moving to the water. It would be best if you worked on your thumb control. When you’re pitching, your thumb is in charge of your line. If you lose thumb control, then the whole cast is ruined. Lastly, it would help if you remembered your bait is what is pulling the line forward. So many anglers try to throw some conventional casting techniques into this form, but that’s not right for flipping and pitching.

Take your time learning, and never take yourself too seriously. A little practice can go a long way, so you’ll be flipping and pitching like a pro in no time.


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