www.castawayrods.comJust because the winter chill is in the air doesn’t mean that we have to compromise on fun fishing. If you live in a state where it’s just cold enough that water freezes but just warm enough that it doesn’t freeze very thick, then you’ll find this article helpful. Catching walleye while ice fishing is a great activity, but it can’t happen for those who live a little further south. There are ways around this obstacle, though.

One issue you’ll run into is that walleye will dive really deep during the winter months. Because of how deep they go, you would need to get out in the middle of the water to catch them. However, this is an issue if you’ve got frozen waters that can’t be navigated with a boat. The best way to combat frozen rivers is to look for a dam. You can set up shop on a tailrace, which is the water channel below a dam. The dam will usually keep water from freezing because of the quick movement. Since the water is moving, you’ll be able to get your boat out far enough to where the walleye will be hanging out. The dam not only keeps water running, but it’s also an area that walleye will get stuck at as they are migrating upriver. These fish are going to stick close to the bottom of the river floor, so you need to make sure that you’re getting your lure deep enough. You’ll want something that’s at least 1oz so that it can be weighed down. A jig with a spot tail shiner minnow is an excellent bait for your winter walleye fishing.

When fishing for walleye, you’ll want a rod with light to medium power and fast action. Check out www.castawayrods.com and the Skeleton Nano brand, which has a rod that can offer you these options. With a Castaway rod, you’ll be catching beautiful walleye in no time.


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