Spinning Custom Fishing Rods Today we’re going to take it back to the basics and talk about the difference between spinning and casting rods. There may be some fishermen that think, “who cares, does it really matter which we use?” and I’m here to tell you, yes. These two types of rods both have advantages and disadvantages that every angler needs to know about.

A spinning reel is going to be a perfect introduction rod for a new fisher. They’re relatively easy to use because you need to flip the bail, hold the line with a finger, cast, close the bail, and then reel in. A spinning rod is going to be easy to use for a lot of situations. If you plan on using a lightweight bait such as plastics or live bait, then this type of rod is excellent because you can still send them far out.

A casting rod, also known as a baitcaster, will be better suited for heavy baits like spinnerbait, crankbait, and jigs with precise accuracy. There is definitely a skill set needed to properly use this type of rod because you need to know how to thumb the line as it comes out. If you can’t keep your line under control, you could end up with a tangled mess. The benefit of this rod and reel is that you’ll get further casts because the line will come straight out instead of in a circular motion like the spinning rod. Once you’ve nailed down the technique, a casting rod is going to give you exactness that some types of fishing require.

Regardless of which type of rod you decide on you using, Castaway Rods will have what you need. They have a selection of both baitcaster and spinning custom fishing rods available at castawayrods.com. Stop by and find the perfect rod for your next fishing expedition.


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