CastAway RodsIf you’re about to head out on a Speckled Trout fishing excursion, then you must understand them. Really studying up on these fish can help you learn how to catch them better. We’re going to take a look at the Speckled Trout habitat, diet, and a few tips that could help you have a successful time fishing.

Speckled Trout, also known as the Spotted Seatrout, is a fish that is silver with dark spots down the back. They can be found in coastal water along the East Coast down to the Gulf of Mexico. These fish can range in size from two pounds to 17 pounds; however, most commonly, they will be around four to eight pounds. If you’re looking for the Speckled Trout, you’ll be able to find them in bays, bayous, coastal water, and estuaries, which is the area where a stream meets the tide. They are a saltwater fish but can withstand both low and high salinity. During cold months these fish will be in deep waters. However, they still need to eat so they’ll find their way to shallow waters to try and find mullet. If you look for the shallow, muddy grass flats, you’re likely to snag a big one. It’s important to remember that these fish like to ambush their prey. Because of this, they will likely be in areas with structure. Areas like docks or bridges that have channels that lead to deep water are going to be the prime spots for Speckled Trout. Live bait is excellent for fishing for these guys. Perhaps the best options are mullet or jumbo shrimp.

The best fishing rod for Speckled Trout will be one that is longer than six feet. It needs to be medium-light to medium power with a fast to extra-fast action. Visit Castaway Rods to find the perfect size, power, and action rod for your Speckled Trout fishing.


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