Favorite Saltwater Fishing Rod For most saltwater fishers, you’ll decide on your target species before you hit the open water. When you know what you’re fishing for, you’ll bring along the proper lures, rod, and fishing line. If you’re saltwater fishing, one of the best lines to use is braided. We are going to take a look at braided lines and determine why they are such a great option.

A braided fishing line is created by fusing several lines together. It is a lot stronger than other fishing lines and is really hard to break. It is sold in different diameters, and as you work your way up in size, the stronger it can be. Every type of fishing line will have a strength test done on it, which determines the poundage it can handle before it breaks. A braided line that has the same diameter as a monofilament line can withstand about double the pounds. The braided line is excellent for saltwater fishing. You can cast it much further out. It also cuts through water way better than other options. This type of line can also last longer because it is mostly abrasion-resistant. It is also very sensitive, so you’ll be able to feel a bite way easier than with other lines. A braided line isn’t going to twist like the monofilament and fluorocarbon lines. Twisting can lead to less efficiency and even cause you to lose fish.

Whenever you’re ready to do some deep saltwater fishing, you’ll want to pair your favorite saltwater fishing rod from Castaway Rods with a braided line. They have an excellent selection for you to choose from. You can also talk with some of their team members about recommendations for the best rod.


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