Favorite Custom Fishing RodsThere are a few different kinds of fishing line that you can choose from whenever you’re setting up your fishing rod. There will be different lines that will work better for specific fishing trips. One of the lines you’ll have to choose from is the Fluorocarbon. Let’s check out when and why you’ll want to use the Fluorocarbon line for fishing.

One of the top reasons you’ll want to use Fluorocarbon is because it has very low visibility. If you are fishing for fish that are more skittish then you’ll benefit by using this type of line. Also, this line will be much denser than water so it will sink really well. That means if you’re going to need your lure to sink low then fluorocarbon is the way to go. It won’t stretch very much so you’ll be able to feel whenever you have a bite on the line. This line is known to be abrasion resistant so it will be less likely to be cut by the fishes teeth or any rocks and cover. It is able to hold knots really well so you won’t have to worry about it loosening up and will be able to handle many different types of knots. This type of line is a bit more expensive, but it is definitely worth your investment.

You can try the fluorocarbon line on any of the favorite custom fishing rods that can be found at Castaway Rods. You’ll be able to find many spinning and casting rods available on their website right now. Take your time picking out the perfect rod for your fishing needs. Feel free to talk with the experts over at Castaway Rods because they’ll be able to direct you to the right type of rod for your needs.


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