Temperatures are starting to rise, which means that some of our best fishing experiences are about to happen. Spring is in the air, which means the bass are about to get active. Since water temperatures are warming up, we’re about to start seeing bass move from their deep hibernation homes up into shallower waters. Even though the bass are out more, this time of year fishing can still be a little tricky. We’re going to offer you a few tips that can help you succeed in your early spring fishing.

The first tip you’ll want to follow is the temperature of the water. Bass aren’t unpredictable, they have very distinct habits. These fish have instincts that are embedded in their DNA. This is why they do the same thing every year when weather changes and water temperatures rise or fall. We know that largemouth bass spawn when the water is around 55-60 degrees. When temperatures have warmed up, but aren’t quite to 55 degrees we know bass are in pre-spawn. Pre-spawning causes the bass to get really active because they’re trying to feed. This activity is perfect for catching these largemouth bass. You may even land yourself some huge ones.

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