Custom Fishing Rods For Sale

Fishing can be as straightforward or as involved as you want it to be. Sure, you can take a pole out to a pond and cast until you find something. However, if you want to secure your chances of catching a fish, you may want to put a little more thought into the process. You won’t have a ton of success if you don’t pair proper technique with the right type of rod. Believe it or not, different fish will require different rods and techniques. We’ll try to sort through a few of the basics here today.

The first thing you have to grasp is the basic knowledge of fishing rods. When you know the different terminology, you’ll be better off going into new fishing experiences. The rod is what will give you reach and leverage to cast your bait into the water correctly. It also helps you feel whenever you have a fish on the line. You’ll also use the rod to set your hook into the fish whenever it’s time to reel it in.

Each fishing rod will have guides on it. These guides are the loops that your line goes through. They are there to direct the line without causing friction that can break the line. A rod that is used for boat fishing, deep water fishing, or for larger fish will have sturdier, roller guides. These types of guides allow the line to spool off more smoothly. The guide found at the end of your line is called the Tip-top. This guide is on a sleeve that can protect the tip of your rod.

We’ll be back later to discuss more about the basics of a fishing rod. Until next time, you can check out the custom fishing rods for sale at Castaway Rods. They have an extensive selection, and you’re sure to find a beautifully crafted rod that you love.


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