Custom Fishing Rod Spinning

If you’re curious about fishing rods and some of their attributes, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re going to take a look at a few more bits of basic information for you to learn about fishing rods.

Depending on whether you plan on freshwater or saltwater fishing, the type of rod and the components that you may need may change. If you’re going to be saltwater fishing, you need a rod made out of materials that can withstand corrosion. These types of materials are a little bit more expensive, which raises the price of saltwater fishing rods.

The length of a fishing rod is also an important factor. If you choose a long fishing rod, you’ll get much more distance on your cast. If you select a shorter rod, you’ll benefit from a little more control when reeling in bigger saltwater fish. You won’t need to cast far whenever you’re fishing from a boat, so you don’t necessarily need that distance in your cast.

The action of a fishing rod is the way that the rod bends. Whenever you put pressure on a rod, it will start to bend. This bend will happen in different areas of the rod. The classification for the action depends on where the bend occurs on the rod.

The power of a rod is, kind of, paired with the rod’s action. The power of a rod is described as the amount of energy you need to bend the rod. A short rod will be thicker and will need more power to bend. Offshore fishing is excellent for a heavy powered rod. If you are fishing for soft-mouthed fish like bass, you’ll want to use a lightered powered rod.

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