Custom Fishing Rods For Sale

Castaway Rods is committed to bringing great rods to their customers so that they can have better fishing experiences. This is also why we are back with a few more helpful tips that could potentially give you greater success during your May bass fishing excursions. Let’s check out the next tips that you can put into action.

As we said in the last article, bass are going to be in different stages. However, most are going to have egg beds or will be hanging around their babies, also known as fry. The female will stick around for a few days early after the fish have hatched. However, the males end up with the responsibility of guarding the bed. Regardless of who is guarding the fry, you’ll want to look for a bass that is staying in one location. If they aren’t moving around a lot, you’ll know that’s what they are doing. Try throwing some topwater lures like a popper or chatter baits to draw their attention.

If you aren’t successful right off the bat, don’t give up. You should always keep moving along if you aren’t getting any hits. Fishing during this time of year can get frustrating but know that you can still have great success. There could be changes week to week on this type of fishing. Just because you were fishing successfully in one area the week prior doesn’t mean that you’ll have success there all the time. Don’t give up; just keep trying new areas of water. Even moving from one end of the lake to another can show you some successful bites.

The only thing left for you to do is get your equipment for bass fishing. You deserve a treat, which means you should visit Castaway Rods. This store will have many different kinds of custom fishing rods for sale that you can choose from for your next fishing adventure. Find a great new rod today.


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