Favorite Bass Fishing Rods

A topwater plug is a great lure to use for many different kinds of fishing situations. This can be a really great type of bait to use whenever your fishing for largemouth bass especially. We’re going to take a look at some tips that can help you to be more successful when using this type of lure.

When you use a topwater plug, you need to remember that it’s imitating a baitfish. The moment this hits the surface of the water, it will draw the attention of the bass. It most cases, they’ll think it is an injured fish. In order to properly use this lure, you’ll want to jerk it slightly as you’re reeling it in. Move it side to side a bit while reeling, and you’re sure to attract the attention of some bass. There aren’t any rules when it comes to the speed at which you need to reel it in except that you want to keep it moving. You could try different speeds out to see which will get more strikes. If it’s starting to get pretty warm out during the days, consider heading out in the early mornings. You’ll have much more success whenever the temperatures aren’t scorching hot.

There are several different kinds of topwater plugs for you to choose from. They have a treble hook lure that you’ll want to use in open water. The treble can easily get caught on tree limbs, debris, and weeds. If you plan on fishing in cover, then you’ll want to find a topwater plug that looks like a frog, bug, rat, or other vulnerable prey. These lures’ hooks aren’t exposed enough to get caught on the brush easily.

Lastly, you’ll want to pair your lure with a fast action rod to catch these largemouth bass. Luckily, Castaway Rods has my favorite bass fishing rods in several different options. Visit their website to check out the choices that they may have available now.


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