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We want to help have the best experience the next time you go fishing for pike. In this article, you’re going to find out some pertinent information that will help you succeed. We’ll look at what motivates them, their ideal habitat, and their diet, so let’s jump right back in.

As we said in the last article, this is likely going to be the post-spawn season for pike. They are going to be exhausted from spawning, and they are known to not be as active during warmer months. We can use all the help and tips we can get to have more success. Some great advice to follow is to make your bait move slowly. Since pike aren’t interested in exerting a lot of energy, they won’t want to move fast to catch their prey. It will convince the fish that it’s easier to catch when you move your bait slowly. Some of the greatest styled lures are things that look like minnows, grubs, and lizards. You’ll want to toss your lure close to the edge of weeds. This location is where the pike will be congregating. Once you’ve cast, you’ll let the lure sink to the bottom, twitching slightly as it falls. A slow twitching motion will lead the pike to believe they have found a wounded or dying victim which is even more enticing.

The greatest thing you could do for more success pike fishing is finding the best custom fishing rod which you’ll find at Castaway Rods. You may want to check out a fast action rod with medium-heavy power. These specifics will likely be the perfect fit for a spring pike fishing trip. Their Pro Sport line has a lot of great options for you to choose from. Visit their website and check out what they have to offer today.


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