Custom Fishing Rods for Crappie

Crappie are a popular type of fish that you can find in ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers. There are black and white crappie, both being commonly sought after by fisherman. This is probably because they are fun to catch and because they have a delicious, mild flavor. Today we’re going to learn a few facts about crappie that may come in handy whenever it’s time to catch them.

You can find crappie in all but two states which are Alaska and Hawaii. They are in the sunfish family, which also includes largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and bluegill. Crappie goes by a few other names like specks, strawberry bass, calico bass, and papermouths. Crappie are, on average, a half-pound to one pound and anywhere from five to twelve inches long. You’re always going to see crappie schooling among large groups. The white can be found in slow rivers or streams and will likely be caught in shallow waters. On the other hand, black crappie like to be in deeper, clean waters in lakes and ponds. They really like to hide in aquatic vegetation too.

Crappie will be actively feeding in the morning and evening, but you can also find them feeding between midnight at 2 am. I know not many people would want to be out fishing that late, but if you’re committed to catching some crappie, then that would be a great opportunity.

Castaway Rods will be able to supply you with amazing custom fishing rods for crappie, and they have a variety of other great rods. If you’re looking for a great option, you should check out an ultralight or light power rod with a moderate action on it. Talk with the team at Castaway Rods, and they’ll find the perfect rod for your needs.


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