Castaway Rods

Castaway Rods creates rods that are durable, high-quality, and affordable. They do everything they can to ensure that the products they create are the best for your buck. One of the most versatile rods at Castaway Rods is the Taranis Max Medium Heavy and you can purchase it today.

The Taranis Max Medium Heavy is a rod that you can use for many things. This casting rod is 7′ with a mod-fast action and med-heavy power. The team at Castaway Rods recommends this rod for rattle traps, texas rig, and spinnerbaits. The rattle trap is a great lure for bass because they shake and rattle, making noises that attract the fish. During spring and fall, bass will congregate more in vegetated areas. This lure can rip through the weeds very easily. The rod can help you slowly reel in your lure, allowing it to sink slightly without getting stuck in the vegetation. The Texas rig has a weight on the line with a plastic or glass bead which is then attached to a hook that will have an offset hook. This is typically used for soft plastics or worms. Spinnerbaits are an interesting-looking bait that is great for pike, bass, perch, and any fish that tends to be in clear waters like a lake.

Plenty of customers have used this rod for several other types of lures and baits too. You can try using this rod in many different ways, and chances are you, you’ll have some success. Visit to take a look at this rod and many others that they have available. If you have any questions, you can talk to one of the Castaway Rods’ team members, and they’ll work their hardest to find a solution or answer. Take some time to visit their online store and check out a few of the rods they currently have available.


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