Casting Custom Fishing Rods

We’re back with the second article of our largemouth bass series. Whenever you’re better acquainted with the species, you’ll have more success because you’ll know what comes naturally for them. You’ll also need to find the right rod for the job, and Castaway Rods can help you find what you’re looking for.

Largemouth bass are sensitive to light, so they won’t be as active during super hot days. During those summer months where temperatures are rising, you’ll have better luck hooking them if you go out during the cooler morning or evening hours. These bass are fairly aggressive and tend to strike at anything passing by. During early spring, you’re going to see bass near the surface, making them much easier to catch. You can catch bass year-round, but the spring months are the best. When using lures, you should choose worms, crankbait, spinnerbait, or jigs. Anything shiny can easily catch the attention of the bass.

The male of the species is the one that prepares the nest, and he will guard it until the babies hatch. Once the eggs hatch, the fish will stay in the nest for about a week before leaving. These babies are known as fry. The fry will school together for about a month, and during this time, the father will continue to guard them.

The Lady Angler medium casting custom fishing rod from Castaway Rods is great to use with crankbaits and jigs to catch largemouth bass. If you’re looking for another excellent rod for catching largemouth, you can talk with the team over at this fishing rod shop. They can answer your questions and point you in the right direction for a durable, affordable rod.


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