Custom Spinning Fishing Rods

We are back with some helpful facts about crappie and tips that can help you the next time you fish for them. You can always drop by or call the experts at Castaway Rods. They have a variety of different fishing rods for any fishing occasion. Let’s check out a few more tips that you might find interesting.

When we left off, we were talking about crappie and where they liked to school and their ideal habitats. We noted that crappie like to live in areas that have a lot of underwater vegetation. They’ll also love to eat in these areas. They’ll be looking for minnows or other small fish. You’ll be able to catch black crappie by using small insects or crustaceans too. In fact, black crappie will come up and grab insects that are skimming the surface of the water. You can use this information to help you imitate the bugs on the surface to snag a crappie.

Popular lure colors for catching crappie will be determined by what type of water you are fishing. If you’re in deep, clear water, you should use blue, white, or purple lures. If you are in muddy, shallow waters, you’ll have more luck with green, lime, orange, and other bright colors.

Castaway Rods has the great PRO SPORT – PSUL68 – ULTRA LIGHT SPINNING rod, which is great for crappie fishing. You can also buy custom spinning fishing rods that are durable, high-yielding, and affordable from Castaway Rods fishing shop. If you’re curious about the rods available at Castaway Rods, check out their website. You’ll find explanations of rods on the product pages. You can also send an email to their team to ask any questions that you may have.


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