Walleye are a very popular freshwater fish that offer a super fun fishing experience. This type of fish won’t offer a crazy battle scene during the reeling, but they will put up a fight underwater. They can be a little bit difficult to catch because they are pretty suspicious of the fishing line. We’re going to talk about some tips that might be able to help you have success while fishing for walleye.

The first thing you should know about walleye fishing is that you need to go out during the early dawn and dusk hours. Walleye are photosensitive, and since they can’t see well during bright parts of the day, so they won’t be super active. You’re going to have much better luck during the low-light hours. One great option for jigging walleye fishing equipment is a spinning rod with light or medium power. This is because walleye can be hard to feel when they bite, and a lighter power will help you feel it. Pair your light rod with a light line, so it has less resistance in the water. If you’re trolling, you can use a medium-heavy power casting rod. You’ll want to pair your rod and line with a lure that looks like the prey of the walleye. These fish tend to eat minnows, crawfish, leeches, and insects. Lastly, you’ll need to find the walleye’s habitat. Walleye are cool water fish so find lakes and rivers that stay in between 60 and 70 degrees. They also love hiding in and near structures like sunken trees, rocks, and vegetation.

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