Favorite Saltwater Fishing Rods

At CastAway Rods, they want to make sure that their customers have a rod for every occasion. They create rods to give you a huge selection of high-quality custom fishing rods at affordable prices. You’re going to find many different lengths, action, and power for both salt and freshwater fishing. They also have found a way to build lightweight rods without compromising the strength and durability. If you’re looking for a great saltwater fishing rod, then you’ve come to the right place. At CastAway Rods, you’re going to find both casting and spinning rods that are durable for big catches while still being sensitive for you to feel what’s going on underwater.

One of their current saltwater rod options is the new Monsta Fishin Series. This whole line is built for heavy tackle, so you can hook large fish. Whether you’re fishing from shore or are going a little deeper, this series can help you out. Whether you’re out for red drum, snapper, sharks, or other species, the Monsta Series is here for you. It’s built with a thin high modulus carbon fiber blank and x-wrap carbon sleeve giving you what you need to battle those sea monsters.

Visit CastAway Rods online to look at the current models that they currently have available. You can find your new favorite saltwater fishing rod available in the Monsta Fishin Series inventory at CastAway Rods. Their Monsta Fishin – MS66XXHC casting rod is an extra fast action and an extra-extra heavy power with a line weight of 80-200lbs. The Monsta Fishin – MS72MHC casting rod is a fast action and medium heavy power rod with a line weight of 40-80lbs. Lastly, the Monsta Fishin – MS72MHS spinning rod is a fast action and medium-heavy power with a line weight of 40-80lbs. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the team at CastAway Rods.


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