Casting Custom Fishing Rods

We’re currently in the dead of summer with some of the hottest temperatures, but we know that’s not going to deter people from casting a line. Relaxing by the water is a great way to spend those hot summer mornings and evenings. If you want to have success this summer with a spinnerbait, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to talk about this bait and how it can help you catch some bass.

Spinnerbaits allow you to cover a lot of area while figuring out where the fish are. They’re also very versatile in use. You can use these for a variety of fish while reeling them in different ways. For instance, simply troll them or bob them up and down. The Colorado blade spinnerbait is flashy and causes a lot of commotion underwater, which will attract many fish. If you’re fishing in water that is dark or muddy, you’ll want to use the bright fluorescent-colored spinnerbaits. If you’re fishing in clearer water, then you can use the neutral spinnerbaits. During the summer months, bass are going to spend most of their time in deeper waters, but during the cooler parts of the day, they will move to shallow waters for feeding. During dusk and dawn is when you’ll want to hit the shallow waters with a spinnerbait. Also, think about the kinds of baitfish that come naturally to the area that you’re fishing. If you find a lot of crawfish in the area, you should use some red and brown spinnerbaits to mimic them.

The Taranis CX1 Spinnerbait rod is obviously a great choice for throwing those spinnerbaits for bass. It has a moderate action and a medium power. These rods are moving fast, so visit Castaway Rods quickly. They have tons of great casting custom fishing rods that will help you during your next fishing trip.


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